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Things you need to know about me: I don't do anything in moderation, I flail from Asian media to western media and back, I make arbitrary banners, and I prefer to find my homes in dead fandoms or small ships ☆☆☆

Some links: likes & dislikes want me to beta read? take a plot bunny a manifesto

Currently I am doing nothing of interest, which really means that I am in a constant emotional state centered around a movie that came out in October 2010. And aside from Pokémon and Harry Potter (both of which I am always thinking about), these days I can also be found discussing Hamilton, Riverdale, Star Wars, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and girl groups.

While I am an adult now, I posted a lot while I was an underage teenager (2012 and prior), so I've deleted and moved around often due to that. I only keep a sparse amount of things I created in that time up. I am an extremely self-conscious person and appreciate patience for my ventures on the internet over the years.

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[sticky entry] Sticky: a brief history

Dec. 31st, 2037 11:59 pm
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  • Status: (ongoing)
  • Sites: AO3, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumblr
  • Fandoms: The Social Network, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Riverdale
  • Notable Works: (ongoing)
  • Events:

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[sticky entry] Sticky: Testimonials

Dec. 31st, 2037 05:45 am
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  • "oh good, are we calling out aro now?" - [personal profile] memorde
  • "real life sasuke" - [personal profile] intricacies
  • *one long drawn out scream - [personal profile] static_abyss
  • "THIS IS WHY I'VE LISTED YOU DOWN AS MY PROBLEMATIC FAVE" - [personal profile] wardowedidit
  • "WOULD FUCK A TSN DVD" - [personal profile] underscored
  • "you are literally 80% discourse at all times don't lie to me" - [personal profile] polygon
  • "i see that power hasnt gone to your head yet" - [personal profile] nute
  • "enjoys destroying ppl with angst" - [personal profile] nute
  • "technically the emo baby in this relationship" - [personal profile] nute
  • "y’all are the worst
    y’all = aro" - [personal profile] kittenyarns

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[sticky entry] Sticky: mass statistics

Dec. 31st, 2037 11:58 pm
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I am secretly a giant math nerd who likes to keep track of my accomplishments and associated stats, so:


TOTAL WC (ALL) 3,319,219
ORIGINAL 1,098,718
2008 177,529 (6,575per)
2009 287,368 (3,089per)
2010 661,631 (1,969per)
2011 494,536 (2,842per)
2012 456,839 (3,217per)
2013 98,938 (3,533per)
2014 218,302 (2,990per)
2015 602,140 (4,068per)
2016 223,115 (2,565per)
*omitted numbers in years include prior to 2008, IRL, and "writer's block" fics

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[sticky entry] Sticky: modstuff

Apr. 13th, 2017 03:52 pm
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Entries that I have submitted for various fandom- and internet-related events can be found here.

I do my best to be a friendly, personable, but also assertive and responsible mod for all events I host. I am welcome to constructive criticism about my attitude toward moderating and all other concerns, so if you would like to provide feedback on any medium, feel free to! (All events I run also usually have a suggestion box at the end.)

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Literally almost a year ago - April 29, 2016 according to my Google Drive - I started to write a coda to That Nothing Can Tear. The reason I stopped and am no longer interested in it is because:

  • I wrote the fic with the intention of not having a sequel, and with having a cliffhanger, thusly

You can Death of the Author me if you'd like of course (although I'm not dead, at the moment of writing this) but I did write this domestic/fluff pseudo sequel only a few months after writing the original fic. It contains some meta on the fic itself because I'm like that; and it's also in Mark's POV, which is even more interesting and enlightening.

I don't technically consider it to be part of my fic's "canon," but this is all fanfiction so who cares. So here it is.

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A list of my absolute, absolute favorite fics that I love all equally and at maximum capacity for a variety of reasons, over my many years of reading fanfiction on the internet. Definitely not a "best of" list - which can't be qualified, anyway - but more that everything on this list hits me in all the right places, and at the right time(s).

Look, I even made a banner.

this list may or may not be disastrously outdated considering it was first on tumblr )


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