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Things you need to know about me: I don't do anything in moderation, I flail from Asian media to western media and back, I make arbitrary banners, and I prefer to find my homes in dead fandoms or small ships ☆☆☆

If you're confused about how I navigate the internet, here are important things to note:
   ♦ This journal ([personal profile] aroceu) is for fandom things for me. They also aren't covered in the following:
          ♦ All the fic of interest is at [ profile] aroceu
          ♦ links out; fandoms/biases/ships
          ♦ [community profile] byaro (non-ficcy things I make for other people)
          ♦ Other journals of note: [personal profile] amaura (personal), [personal profile] reccer (recs), [personal profile] caseus (fic archive)
   ♦ I do a lot of web and code work, which are mostly found at my portal.
   ♦ Mostly I hang out at twitter ([ profile] aroceu), and tumblr ([ profile] aroceu) when I can handle the idiocy. Talk to me on there!

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[sticky entry] Sticky: a brief history

Dec. 31st, 2037 11:59 pm
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  • Status: (ongoing)
  • Sites: AO3, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumblr
  • Fandoms: The Social Network, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Riverdale
  • Notable Works: (ongoing)
  • Events:

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[sticky entry] Sticky: mass statistics

Dec. 31st, 2037 11:58 pm
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I am secretly a giant math nerd who likes to keep track of my accomplishments and associated stats, so:


TOTAL WC (ALL) 3,319,219
ORIGINAL 1,098,718
SUPER JUNIOR 501,994 (250,878 public)
POKéMON 48,170
HAIKYUU 395,590
THE SOCIAL NETWORK 413,712 (262,339 public)
OTHER 438,102
2008 177,529 (6,575per)
2009 287,368 (3,089per)
2010 661,631 (1,969per)
2011 494,536 (2,842per)
2012 456,839 (3,217per)
2013 98,938 (3,533per)
2014 218,302 (2,990per)
2015 602,140 (4,068per)
2016 223,115 (2,565per)
*omitted numbers in years include prior to 2008, IRL, and "writer's block" fics

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[sticky entry] Sticky: modstuff

Apr. 13th, 2017 03:52 pm
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Entries that I have submitted for various fandom- and internet-related events can be found here.

I do my best to be a friendly, personable, but also assertive and responsible mod for all events I host. I am welcome to constructive criticism about my attitude toward moderating and all other concerns, so if you would like to provide feedback on any medium, feel free to! (All events I run also usually have a suggestion box at the end.)

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Trying this again... make me write shit for you!
If this goes well I'll do another round in December, for actual advent-related things.

My Guidelines:
• Each fic has to be at least 1,000 words long. No minimum allowance.
• All fics have to be finished by the end of the day (12:00AM midnight)
• Work are posted as comment responses; if requested on Twitter, then just someplace for the prompter to see.

Prompt Instructions:
1. Pick a day.
2. Pick a fandom, and character/pairing focus. Gen is fair game.
3. Pick a prompt (trope, premise, situation, words, setting, whatever.)
3. Leave a comment with all of this information.
4. Dates do not have to be sequential.
5. Feel free to claim up to two days with their respective prompts.
6. If you can see this post, you're allowed to leave a prompt P:

Fandoms that are 100% up for grabs: Harry Potter, Pokemon, One Direction, Free, Merlin, Lost, Teen Wolf, Hamilton the Musical, Kuroko No Basuke, Series of Unfortunate Events, Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Love Live, The Movie That Must Not Be Named, Check Please, Steven Universe
Other fandoms, as well as ships and characters of interest can be found here.
Ask if you're wondering if I'm willing to write a fandom that's not listed.
Ask if you're unsure I like a ship.
I am NOT writing for Haikyuu or Super Junior anymore. Sorry.

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This was what Solstice was originally supposed to be - an epic that spanned all of Asahi, Daichi, and Suga's high school years with switching POVs - but I neither had the stamina nor the motivation to write it in full, and instead, well, came up with Solstice.

This is what I had of the beginning - it's really terribly boring, sorry.

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When I was writing this, there were at points moments I forgot what I intended for the emotional beats to be so I had to rewrite some of it. This was the most notable part - I hadn't realized I kind of wanted Asahi to have an anxiety attack after running into Daichi, so I'd originally written this genial and easygoing lunch scene. When I realized, I backtracked and fixed it, of course - it's in the fic now - but this is what the end of the shopping scene originally looked like.

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