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Trying this again... make me write shit for you!

My Guidelines:
• Each fic has to be at least 1,000 words long. No minimum allowance.
• All fics have to be finished by the end of the day (12:00AM midnight)
• Work are posted as comment responses; if requested on Twitter, then just someplace for the prompter to see.

Prompt Instructions:
1. Pick a day.
2. Pick a fandom, and character/pairing focus. Gen is fair game.
3. Pick a prompt (trope, premise, situation, words, setting, whatever.)
3. Leave a comment with all of this information.
4. Dates do not have to be sequential.
5. Feel free to claim up to two days with their respective prompts.
6. If you can see this post, you're allowed to leave a prompt P:

Fandoms that are 100% up for grabs: Harry Potter, Pokemon, One Direction, Free, Merlin, Lost, Teen Wolf, Hamilton the Musical, Kuroko No Basuke, Series of Unfortunate Events, Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Love Live, The Movie That Must Not Be Named, Check Please, Steven Universe
Other fandoms, as well as ships and characters of interest can be found here.
Ask if you're wondering if I'm willing to write a fandom that's not listed.
Ask if you're unsure I like a ship.
I am NOT writing for Haikyuu or Super Junior anymore. Sorry.

Day 1: [personal profile] leafias - prompt - we blend into my favourite colour
Day 2: [ profile] purenozomi - prompt - scared of almost nothing at all
Day 3: [ profile] strangemornings - prompt - The School Idol Network Project
Day 4: [ profile] zimbunny - prompt - things come out of the woodwork
Day 5: [ profile] zimbunny - prompt - wake up at twilight
Day 6: [personal profile] uglyanimeboys - prompt - earthquake in the room [screened]
Day 7: [personal profile] kanshikan - prompt - what it looks like from the outside
Day 8: [personal profile] underscored - prompt - Breathing Room
Day 9: [personal profile] bluedreaming - prompt - when you pour your heart on me
Day 10: [personal profile] ackermanx - prompt - all the love was hesitated
Day 11: [personal profile] uglyanimeboys - prompt - so don't break me tonight
Day 12: [personal profile] memorde - prompt - People Who Find Treasures
Day 13: [ profile] strangemornings - like boom boom boom
Day 14: [personal profile] underscored - prompt - breath away
Day 15: [personal profile] horchata - prompt - ideas sleeping furiously
Day 16: [personal profile] uglyanimeboys - prompt - so don't break me tonight
Day 17: [personal profile] shouyous - prompt - 'bout to throttle like a shooting star
Day 18: take me, make me yours
Day 19: the leaves are falling
Day 20: [personal profile] shouyous - Eduardo/Mark due to discussion - sasunaru is otp
Day 21: [personal profile] wardowedidit - Eduardo/Mark doppelganger AU - the anxiety of being separated
Day 22: [personal profile] paltita - Luna/Ginny - something so sentimental
Day 23: [personal profile] memorde, Anthony/Zacharias
Day 24: Gift!fic for Cathy (belated b-day present)
Day 25: [personal profile] sanji, Zayn/Niall
Day 26: [personal profile] static_abyss, James/Sirius, this spot is for you Ana
Day 27: [personal profile] ackermanx, ASOUE
Day 28: [personal profile] vileplume, Zuko/Aang
Day 29: [personal profile] wanderele, Sousuke/Haru
Day 30: [personal profile] static_abyss, James/Sirius
Day 31: [personal profile] wardowedidit, Eduardo/Mark, D/s 'verse

Day 2: [ profile] purenozomi: Ok can you slap me on day two maybe... and likr shyly asks for kagakise and maybe some fantasy au where kise is not of the human variety and kagami is there 2 kill him buy gay happens,

Day 3: [ profile] strangemornings: crackfic Love Live
I just want a fic where Umi is yelling at Honoka LMAO

Day 4: [ profile] zimbunny: i headcanon that nursey copes with his depression anxiety and anger issues by finding isolated areas of nature to allow himself to breakdown, scream, or cry. i think theres a very powerful healing force in nature and just being surrounded by isolated quietness & greenery can be comforting so i hc that derek really likes nature. growing up in such an urban city (nyc) where theres not a lot of greenery made him appreciate when hes in it, and it feels special/ almost like another dimension for him where he doesnt have to pretend to be okay.

so what id like you to write is taking place after comic 3.17 (dib flip) on the same day. …)

derek is happy/excited about living with dex (implied romantic feelings, but also they’re best friends) but hes hurt about his reaction. he was still there in lardos room after he left and barely said two words to anyone. ( … just the image for context)
derek left the haus and was walking back to his dorm and it was eating at him the whole way back so he takes a detour into the woods near campus/past the pond (seen behind nursey on pg 6 …).

basically id just like you to explore derek's confusion, anger, and emotional hurt from dex’s reaction to them rooming together in the fall. whatever reaction you think he’d have is fine, i wont dictate how you characterize him dealing with the issue.

Day 5: [ profile] zimbunny: bits & jack have a baby girl..... & when they were planning to have kids jack was really set on the name piper. he couldnt figure out why but it just felt like it fit. he knew it was their daughters name. seeing how excited he was about the name, bitty couldnt help but agree with the choice.
they bring home lil piper and everythings great. the first night theyre tucking her in to her nursery, both cooing and being ridiculous with the baby talk. jack kisses her and whispers goodnight to her and bitty strokes her cheek.
as they leave the room, jack absentmindedly says 'goodnight, little pi.'
he smiles for a minute and then something clicks on his face and he turns to bitty and looks a little bit amused.
bitty is confused for a moment before it clicks what jack is laughing at.
"oh my god, we named our child after pie."

Day 15 [personal profile] horchata: I'm interested in a Heel-Face-Turn for Ty Lee, w/like, femmslash if that interests you, or Iroh gen of any sort, or hearing more abt Suki
w/Free! I'm really interested in Haru, Rin, Rei, Gou, and Sousuke, and would love to hear anything about them at all.
& I always love reading abt Mark coming to his gd senses, or Eduardo moving on w/his life, or both things happening & their love is requited

Day 16: [personal profile] uglyanimeboys: day 16
sorta a cont. of day 11. wade comes back to peter's apt, bloody &limbs literally hanging by a tendon. peter gets angry at him for being so reckless (& even tho he knows wade can't die he has an irrational fear that wade will leave him too). don't need to make it gory re wades injuries just highlighting that wade is like. in an awful state

Day 28: [personal profile] vileplume: an awkward but cute zukaang fic
Hs au would be rly cute
W katara as aangs best friend
And u can do as u wish
Omg no but can it be pre dating like they can get together but established rs fics r my enemy. Not my enemy my frenemy
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