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  • Status: (ongoing)
  • Sites: AO3, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumblr
  • Fandoms: The Social Network, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Riverdale
  • Notable Works: (ongoing)
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  • Status: Contributor
  • Sites: AO3, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumblr
  • Fandoms: The Social Network, Hamilton, Pokémon, Haikyuu (in the earlier part of the year and in bursts)
  • Notable Works: That Nothing Can Tear (new all time favorite fic), a purveyor of tragedy and all the things that follow (8k/3some/2nd person)
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  • Status: Contributor
  • Sites: LiveJournal, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumblr (casually)
  • Fandoms: Super Junior mostly; also: SHINee, "original" (slash @ FP)
  • Notable Works: ~600k total (300k of which were Super Junior fanfiction), original mpreg fic (original, completed, 33k)
  • Events:

  • Status: Lurker (fandom); contributor (original)
  • Sites: FictionPress, LiveJournal,, Twitter (casually), Tumblr (casually)
  • Fandoms: South Park (until March), bandom (Gabe/William) (March-October), Super Junior (starting December), "original" (slash @ FP); finished first manga (Death Note; Light/L ftw)
  • Notable Works: Assorted slash/het oneshots on FictionPress; NaNoWriMo (original, incomplete, 100k+); Ivory Green (original, complete, 20k, 31_days and really bad)
  • Events:
    • a friend's Mibba fiction contest (I tied first place lmao)

  • Status: Lurker (fandom); contributor (original)
  • Sites:, Mibba, FictionPress, LiveJournal
  • Fandoms: South Park (Stan/Kyle), "original" (slash @ FP)
  • Notable Works: Switch (original, completed, 46k), NaNoWriMo (first time; original, completed, 80k)

2007 (<12y/o) and earlier
  • Status: Lurker
  • Sites: Quizilla!, deviantART,
  • Fandoms: "Mary Sue" self-inserts (/original fiction, /Draco Malfoy, /Harry Potter, /Nick Jonas, /Cole Sprouse), The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Xiaolin Showdown (RaiKim); treaded in: Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, and Naruto (ShikaIno)
  • Notable Works: Nick Jonas/OFC fanfiction (incomplete, 36k, posted on Q!); original fantasy (complete, 45k, first of a discontinued series)