Jun. 14th, 2017

aroceu: (▲ love)
This was what Solstice was originally supposed to be - an epic that spanned all of Asahi, Daichi, and Suga's high school years with switching POVs - but I neither had the stamina nor the motivation to write it in full, and instead, well, came up with Solstice.

This is what I had of the beginning - it's really terribly boring, sorry.

blooper reel )

When I was writing this, there were at points moments I forgot what I intended for the emotional beats to be so I had to rewrite some of it. This was the most notable part - I hadn't realized I kind of wanted Asahi to have an anxiety attack after running into Daichi, so I'd originally written this genial and easygoing lunch scene. When I realized, I backtracked and fixed it, of course - it's in the fic now - but this is what the end of the shopping scene originally looked like.

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