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Things you need to know about me: I don't do anything in moderation, I flail from Asian media to western media and back, I make arbitrary banners, and I prefer to find my homes in dead fandoms or small ships ☆☆☆

If you're confused about how I navigate the internet, here are important things to note:
   ♦ This journal ([personal profile] aroceu) is for fandom things for me. They also aren't covered in the following:
          ♦ All the fic of interest is at [ profile] aroceu
          ♦ Come check out this website I made for myself.
          ♦ There's also [community profile] byaro, for non-ficcy things I make for other people.
          ♦ Other journals of note: [personal profile] amaura (personal), [personal profile] reccer (recs), [personal profile] caseus (fic archive)
   ♦ Mostly I hang out at twitter ([ profile] aroceu), and tumblr ([ profile] aroceu) when I can handle the idiocy. Talk to me on there!


♦ Now called Aro.

♦ 21+, United States (EST), Chinese-American (first gen/Han), upper-middle class, brain bullshit

♦ No pronouns; they/them if this is hard & we're strangers

♦ Not cis. Probably a lesbian.

♦ INTP & 584 & RLUEI & Melancholic & True Neutral & Gemini
     ♦ Primary/Choice Ravenclaw, Secondary Slytherin, Model Gryffindor


♦ I'm tripophobic - please warn in accordance if you can. This includes: beehives, and clusters with a visual basis of distinct contrast or color difference.

♦ I don't like Halloween. It's nothing personal.

♦ I'm superstitious as well so please tag/warn for chain mail, and other things of the sort.


Harry Potter; Pokémon; The Social Network

♦ water/ice motifs

♦ cats, frogs, dolphins, turtles

♦ boy bands; girl bands; rival ships; protagonists; lazy characters; dead fandoms; sibling relationships; crackships and rarepairs; kidfic



  • "oh good, are we calling out aro now?" - [personal profile] memorde
  • "real life sasuke" - [personal profile] intricacies
  • *one long drawn out scream - [personal profile] static_abyss
  • "THIS IS WHY I'VE LISTED YOU DOWN AS MY PROBLEMATIC FAVE" - [personal profile] wardowedidit
  • "WOULD FUCK A TSN DVD" - [personal profile] underscored
  • "you are literally 80% discourse at all times" - [personal profile] polygon
  • "i see that power hasnt gone to your head yet" - [personal profile] nute
  • "enjoys destroying ppl with angst" - [personal profile] nute
  • "technically the emo baby in this relationship" - [personal profile] nute
  • "y’all are the worst
    y’all = aro" - [personal profile] kittenyarns


♦ My dotcom
     ♦ a list of all my fandoms, aka /love

[ profile] aroceu, where all the fic is
     ♦ a possibly more preferable way of viewing my AO3 fandoms

All time favorites rec list

♦ Want me to beta read?; my general fic likes & dislikes; a self-rec list

Here is my manifesto.


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