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wherein eduardo is a chicken farmer | TSN | PG-13
Mirthful | 1D | PG-13
eduardo/mark kink negotiation | TSN | NC-17
a house on fire | TSN | PG-13
Us While They Stare Upon | 1D | NC-17
lemonloaf (previous attempt) | ASOUE | R
being the middleman | TSN | PG-13
make me wanna scream | Spideypool | NC-17

amethyst/peridot | Steven Universe | G
immortal AU | TSN | G (for now)
Equinox: (1) (2-13) | Haikyuu | G
stay with me for more than just one day (part) | TSN | NC-17
omegaverse | TSN | NC-17 (eventually)
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Another plot bunnies dump! Divided by fandom... these were things that are on my to-do list but that I've decided to abandon as premises, so anyone can adopt them for their own uses and whatnot.

Pairings listed I'm not adverse to still, but I'm scrapping them from my to do list so they don't weigh on me anymore |D

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Trying this again... make me write shit for you!

My Guidelines:
• Each fic has to be at least 1,000 words long. No minimum allowance.
• All fics have to be finished by the end of the day (12:00AM midnight)
• Work are posted as comment responses; if requested on Twitter, then just someplace for the prompter to see.

Prompt Instructions:
1. Pick a day.
2. Pick a fandom, and character/pairing focus. Gen is fair game.
3. Pick a prompt (trope, premise, situation, words, setting, whatever.)
3. Leave a comment with all of this information.
4. Dates do not have to be sequential.
5. Feel free to claim up to two days with their respective prompts.
6. If you can see this post, you're allowed to leave a prompt P:

Fandoms that are 100% up for grabs: Harry Potter, Pokemon, One Direction, Free, Merlin, Lost, Teen Wolf, Hamilton the Musical, Kuroko No Basuke, Series of Unfortunate Events, Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Love Live, The Movie That Must Not Be Named, Check Please, Steven Universe
Other fandoms, as well as ships and characters of interest can be found here.
Ask if you're wondering if I'm willing to write a fandom that's not listed.
Ask if you're unsure I like a ship.
I am NOT writing for Haikyuu or Super Junior anymore. Sorry.

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Originally I had not written burn down my throat like a building to be a drabble collection thing, but as it turns out I knew what direction it was headed in when written that way, so alas.

Anyway, I did start it in a more typical prose manner. Since [personal profile] memorde and I have been doing our prompt battles over at [community profile] twodongs, I'd originally written a part of this for our "past tense" prompt, not our drabble prompt. So this is what had come of it. It was also supposed to be a coffeeshop meetugly, but, well.

(It's pretty obvious that I recycled themes from this and reused them in the final product.)

(This was also originally written in the first person before I'd given up on that, hah.)

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