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I am secretly a giant math nerd who likes to keep track of my accomplishments and associated stats, so:


TOTAL WC (ALL) 3,319,219
ORIGINAL 1,098,718
SUPER JUNIOR 501,994 (250,878 public)
POKéMON 48,170
HAIKYUU 395,590
THE SOCIAL NETWORK 413,712 (262,339 public)
OTHER 438,102
2008 177,529 (6,575per)
2009 287,368 (3,089per)
2010 661,631 (1,969per)
2011 494,536 (2,842per)
2012 456,839 (3,217per)
2013 98,938 (3,533per)
2014 218,302 (2,990per)
2015 602,140 (4,068per)
2016 223,115 (2,565per)
*omitted numbers in years include prior to 2008, IRL, and "writer's block" fics

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Jul. 13th, 2017 05:58 pm
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This is a list of fic that I wouldn't necessarily call my best (because what is objectivity), but more on the side of my favorites, except more coalesced and excluding original fiction, since I'm not posting that on the internet anymore. Put simply, it's the list of "if I wanted you to read my own fic, this is where I'd like you to begin" because, I mean, I have a lot of stories on my AO3 and it can be hard to navigate. And while all the fics I have up are there for one reason or another, sometimes my fics are simply better than others, you know?

It's important for me to note that I mostly write short-form fic, though it's not my specialty, just a commonality (and, if we're being honest, a comfort zone.) I am capable and have written long-form fic before, and this list is a decent mixture of both, I like to think.

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Best Of

Dec. 31st, 2016 11:59 pm
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Wow, another self-rec post! WHO IS SURPRISED.

This is all relative to their respective years. Funnily enough, I'm pretty good at remembering how I felt about certain stories at certain times. This, like the rest of this list, should not be much of a surprise.

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"Intermission" is a manifesto piece on how I write, subconsciously, reflexively. I am a writer. I believe things - but more than that, I write with a reason, a method, and a strategy that is entirely mine. This is the way I see myself through writing, and my writing through me.

Stay small. Cut out what you can. Don't look for a word when you already have a word in mind. It's the first word that came to you for a reason. Don't try to expand in a place that you think condenses and conveys. You are a writer, but above that you are an editor. Don't linger when you can still be moving. Numbers mean nothing.

Trust your gut instinct. Conversely, even if it feels like you are telling more than showing, even if it feels like you're being redundant - if it sounds right, keep going. Write what you hear, not what you see. Staying small is your first priority, but trusting your gut is the first thing you can do. You can always go back to make things smaller. You can never go back to the subconscious pull you were once feeling.

You are always better than you think you are. Always. You've read those manifestos before, how you're your worst critic, how you're your best critic. You say you're vain a lot. But you know how much tougher you are on yourself than you choose to admit. You know how much you compare yourself to friends or strangers with more popular stories than you. But stop qualifying popularity with how good of a writer you are, and stop worrying about being popular. You want to be famous? Keep that ambition and you'll one day reach it. You haven't reached it today, in smaller scales, because you're waiting for something bigger. You're aiming for something for you.

Read something you can't write. Because it's already been written. Because it's for a fandom you don't ever plan on writing fic for, but know enough about, but might be inspired by the story you end up reading anyway. Because it's about something you don't particularly care about, but you found it and you were bored and wanted to learn more about it, anyway. People always say reading helps, but sometimes reading makes you compare yourself and feel insecure. So find something that doesn't.

Everything can be a story, and not everyone has to see it. Remember that time you wrote a story about two gay pizzas falling in love and didn't plan on showing it to anyone because it was such a ridiculous idea. (And then you did anyway, because of the ridiculousness.) Remember all the terrible stories you wrote when you were on writer's block, and you never want to look back on them - but at the time, when you'd finished them, you still felt that sense of accomplishment anyway, no matter how bad they were.

Slow down. It's not bad to always look at the future scenes, to peek at your outline, to see how long it'll take until you're done. But it's not always good, either. Stay where you are. Look at the scene you're in the middle of - take it all in slowly. Live in your story like you're in slow motion. Don't spare the little details. You are in the story, you are in control, you know what's best. Don't half-ass it when you can full-ass it. The words and sentences and paragraphs you make are the ones you are making now. This is where you are. Stay here.

Every story you write can only be written by you. There is no need to measure your quality of writing by your evaluation - specifically admiration - of someone else's style or capabilities. There are storytelling strategies you are inherently good at. You experiment; you play different games; your experience is different; and your goals are different every time. And they are all yours. Only you can write a you story - only you can translate the workings in your head to words on paper. Individuality is overrated, but at the same time the things you write are the things you write.

You're always growing. People say for better or worse, but you know the only way to go is up. You're still young. Everybody has their own pace. As long as you keep your ambitions, you'll grow faster than you would otherwise. But no matter where you end up, you're still going to get better. So keep yourself in check, remember the words you've written and the words that are waiting for you to write them. Experience and skill always come with age, better when you seek them out. You don't know what you are capable of yet, and it's the unknown that fascinates you. Because you are a writer.