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This was what Solstice was originally supposed to be - an epic that spanned all of Asahi, Daichi, and Suga's high school years with switching POVs - but I neither had the stamina nor the motivation to write it in full, and instead, well, came up with Solstice.

This is what I had of the beginning - it's really terribly boring, sorry.

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When I was writing this, there were at points moments I forgot what I intended for the emotional beats to be so I had to rewrite some of it. This was the most notable part - I hadn't realized I kind of wanted Asahi to have an anxiety attack after running into Daichi, so I'd originally written this genial and easygoing lunch scene. When I realized, I backtracked and fixed it, of course - it's in the fic now - but this is what the end of the shopping scene originally looked like.

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Originally I had not written burn down my throat like a building to be a drabble collection thing, but as it turns out I knew what direction it was headed in when written that way, so alas.

Anyway, I did start it in a more typical prose manner. Since [personal profile] memorde and I have been doing our prompt battles over at [community profile] twodongs, I'd originally written a part of this for our "past tense" prompt, not our drabble prompt. So this is what had come of it. It was also supposed to be a coffeeshop meetugly, but, well.

(It's pretty obvious that I recycled themes from this and reused them in the final product.)

(This was also originally written in the first person before I'd given up on that, hah.)

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Literally almost a year ago - April 29, 2016 according to my Google Drive - I started to write a coda to That Nothing Can Tear. The reason I stopped and am no longer interested in it is because:

  • I wrote the fic with the intention of not having a sequel, and with having a cliffhanger, thusly

You can Death of the Author me if you'd like of course (although I'm not dead, at the moment of writing this) but I did write this domestic/fluff pseudo sequel only a few months after writing the original fic. It contains some meta on the fic itself because I'm like that; and it's also in Mark's POV, which is even more interesting and enlightening.

I don't technically consider it to be part of my fic's "canon," but this is all fanfiction so who cares. So here it is.

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Original last scene for a purveyor of tragedy, and all the things that follow. In its place I had written the three shorter (altogether longer) scenes at the end, with all of their POVs; but this was just Erica's. I didn't feel particularly like this fit or wrapped the fic up properly, even though it does display the domesticity I wanted to establish in the end.

I think it works better with the hesitance between Mark and Erica rather than the security of Mark and Eduardo in the end. Mark and Erica's relationship always had a tension and was on the line for this entire fic, so it felt far more fitting to end with at least growing the reestablishment of that rather than a sudden jump into security about their relationship and then overlooking it for Erica/Eduardo for true finality, when Erica/Eduardo was more of a plot device in this fic than anything.

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This was the original scene for we are for each other then, part three, scene two (Eduardo's first POV scene in that section.) I didn't like it because I made Eduardo way too genial and easy-to-forgive, when both realistically and in my head I picture her much more frosty and not easily forgiving and distrustful of Mark. Because, you know, considering.

Anyway, so the current version definitely has that reluctance and antagonism, for contextual reasons within the movie and also spurring the, like, next 13000 words of that scene. But this is the friendlier version that I had first written before I decided I didn't like it. This, like all other scenes of the fic (with a few exceptions) were originally written on my phone, so there is no formatting.

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