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Here there be fics. Lots of them. Actually, all of them.

Public ones are ones that I have not crossposted to my usual fic posting sites but don't mind sharing (though any may be locked at any given time.)

Also, yes, every post on this journal is at least one story. Some posts have multiple. Some are parts if the story's too long for one.

Transformative Works Policy: I give permission for any derivative work of my own—fanart, podfic, remix, translation, whatever fits your fancy. I do ask that you please (a) let me know, and (b) link my original work (anywhere I posted anything) in your work.

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Apr. 14th, 2017

aroceu: (ship captain)
Summary: “my best friend got turned into a frog and now i’m being the best wingman/woman/person ever by carrying them around to bars and getting hot people to kiss them in hopes of hooking them up with their true love” AU (x)

Char/Pair: Mark/Eduardo, discussed Mark/Sean, Eduardo kisses a bunch of people

Genre: romance/slash, humor, Harvard-era intentionally canon divergent

Rating: PG-13

A/N: p sure Christie prompted this to me over a year ago. Anyway, unbeta'd for now. Title from DNCE's Kissing Strangers which coincidentally came out around the same time I finished this

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