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Some not!fic I wrote to Cathy

found on a post-it note stuck to mark's forehead as he napped in a conference room

found stuck to eduardo's forehead while eduardo was passed out on mark's bed. october 2003

found on a sheet of notebook paper on mark's desk the next morning after mark returns from his morning class

stuck to chris's forehead after chris passed out on the common room couch

sometimes the facebook offices don't have great reception and mark doesn't want to use his own website to communicate when a bunch of other programmers could potentially see, so dustin finds this the next morning on his desk after an event where dustin was getting lucky but saw eduardo and mark trailing out together anyway

held up on a whiteboard from mark's office

on a sticky note stuck to an old economics notebook that eduardo thought he lost, found in eduardo's briefcase in january 2009 as he was unpacking his things in singapore