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WIP Amnesty: Kunimi/Kageyama

Kindaichi flinches beside him when Kageyama's name is called from the roster. Akira glances at him.

This will be interesting, he murmurs, and Kindaichi nods. At the other end of the line, where the rest of the third years are, Oikawa is both smirking and frowning.

Kageyama bows. Akira notices his eyes flicker toward him and Kindaichi as he does. It's nice to meet you, he says to the team.

He's in light blue and white like the rest of them. Akira wishes he doesn't remember the way Kageyama used to look in middle school, but he does. This Kageyama is smaller than that one - lips so tight and hidden away like he's trying to make everyone forget that he has them.

He goes to the end of the line where the rest of the team is.

Akira can't help it, but he watches. Kageyama regards them unfamiliarly when Kindaichi, and then Akira are called to greet themselves to the rest of the team. As soon as he's in line, next to Kindaichi who is stubbornly refusing to look at Kageyama, Akira suddenly flashes back to the three of them, in Kitagawa Daiichi, huddling together on the other side of the court. They were second years, once, backbones of the team.

For a second Akira swears Kageyama meets his eyes before jolting and staring straight ahead.


Their houses have always been in the same direction. Kindaichi and Akira started walking home together without Kageyama in their third year of middle school.

Today Kageyama leaves at the same time as them, walks in the same line as them. He's staring at the ground, clutching at his messenger bag. But he's on Akira's other side.

Kindaichi talks to Akira without looking past him. Akira faces him when he replies, but it feels like there's a heavy weight behind him. He tries to flinch away the feeling. It doesn't work.

Akira lets himself look at Kageyama. Once.

Kageyama catches his eye, and Akira quickly looks away.

What are you having for dinner? Kindaichi asks him.

Akira shrugs. I think my mother mentioned she'd pick up shrimp from the grocery store.

Ooh! You should let me come over.

Yeah, says Akira.

Resistance fails him, and he glances at Kageyama. One more time. But Kageyama's fixated on his shoes. which are walking the same even pace as Akira and Kindaichi. Akira wants to know if he would like to look up. If maybe some part of Kageyama wishes he was invited, too.

Kageyama could ask.

Akira's the first one to leave, and Kindaichi follows. As soon as their routes change, Kageyama stops.

Bye Kindaichi. Kunimi.

Akira does his best not to stop, not to look back.

It's only when he's at his front door that he realizes Kindaichi's several paces behind. Like he'd given into the temptation, and returned the sentiment to Kageyama.

It cracks something in Akira.


[scene (pseudo??? apology)]



Akira wonders if he should ask Kindaichi if he's okay with walking home with Kageyama.

[kageyama talks to them this time, akira invites him over]


[kunimi decoys and kags sends the ball to kindaichi]

As Akira passes by Iwaizumi, he hears him say to Oikawa, The first years are all regulars, aren't they? I'm not surprised they work so well together.

Tobio-chan likes to play favorites, doesn't he, Oikawa says cheekily. What are they, childhood friends? I wouldn't be surprised if he got the other two to join volleyball with him later.

Akira interrupts.

He didn't.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa look at him.

We joined in our first year, says Akira. Me and Kindaichi. We were never friends with Kageyama.

Oikawa narrows his eyes. He's good at that, reading people, but Akira's pretty sure he's better at hiding.

I remember you, he says. I watched that final game, last year, when Kitadai lost. You and Kindaichi-kun were the ones who turned your team against Tobio-chan.

Akira shifts.


Well, and Oikawa's smile positively glints, I'm glad you all got that sorted out so you're not bringing it here. 


Kageyama starts coming over when Kindaichi does. But Kindaichi comes to Akira's house all the time after practices, or school days they don't have practice, because according to him Akira's mom is a better cook than his own.

Akira doesn't know how he feels about this addition. Kageyama doesn't laugh much - but, then again, neither does Akira.





Akira tries to read into the way Kageyama's staring at him, like he's waiting. They've never, never been like this before - and the space where Kindaichi might stand feels empty.

Kageyama leans in first. He doesn't ask, like he should. Akira would berate him, but then Kageyama's lips are on his. It's hard to tell what he tries to do with them. Akira balls up his fists at his sides.

He wants to ask him what he's doing, catch Kageyama off guard. Instead, Kageyama's hands go lightly at Akira's neck, like he actually cares about treating him gently. Akira internally scoffs at the thought. Kageyama's mouth opens against him, and a second after he does Akira realizes he's responding.

Kageyama's fingers are in his hair. Twisting. Touching.

Akira pulls away. What the hell is happening, he asks.

Kageyama's lips are parted, sort of swollen-looking, and Akira faintly remembers sucking on them. I, he says, and his eyebrows start to furrow like he's thinking.

Kageyama is awful when he's thinking. Akira does something about it before his thoughts can go too far. He leans in and kisses him again, hoping it'll stop the track of Kageyama's mind.

It takes a second for him to respond, but then Kageyama's hand returns to the back of Akira's head. On his hair. Akira pushes him into his bed, not worrying so much about the dirtiness of Kageyama's jeans, or his shirt, anymore. Kageyama is pressing up against him like he's trying to get control, but Akira consciously adjusts his weight and waist so Kageyama's practically forced between Akira's body and the bed.

Kageyama turns away. Akira catches his breath.

Are you only doing this because Kindaichi's not around?

To his surprise, Akira had expected this. Yes, he answers.

Kageyama's eyebrows go up. Akira continues, Because he doesn't like this sort of thing.

Oh, says Kageyama, and then they're kissing again.

(jerk each other off)