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The School Idol Network Project

Summary: This is a Love Live The Social Network AU. Don't look at me.

Char/Pair: ensemble gen

Genre: crack!!!!!!!!

Rating: G

A/N: Blame [personal profile] valium. For the advent calendar.

"Umi! I've got an idea!" Honoka announced.

Umi turned from where she was talking to Kotori. Honoka was grinning and Umi had a bad feeling about this - as she did about all of Honoka's ideas.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I know how we can save the school," Honoka said gleefully. "We create a school-wide social network - "


"I, I mean," Honoka said. "We make an idol group and get everyone's attention."

"That's an even worse idea," Umi said.

Kotori piped up, "I'm in!"

Umi glared at her. Honoka cheered and grabbed their hands and spun them around.


"That's when you said yes?" Eli asked.

"I never said yes," Umi argued. "And why are we doing this?"

They were in the student council room. Honoka was sniffling dramatically, and Umi kind of wanted to say sorry to her but also thought this was a waste of time. Just because Honoka was the student council president didn't mean they had to waste time doing this. Umi could be writing songs. Or going to class.

Eli opened her mouth, but Honoka sniffles, "Because! For μ's!"

"For the school," Kotori chipped in.

Eli nodded dutifully. "Mhm." She scribbled something down, probably just a doodle on the legal pad they'd scampered together.

Nozomi turned over a tarot card on the other side of the student council desk. "Then what happened?" she asked Umi.


Umi didn't want to perform, really, but when she was on stage it was all she knew. Honoka had that way of making her want to perform despite herself; and even though μ's didn't take off right away, it still felt like a success. Honoka made them a success, and the three of them were popular right away.

This was when Hanayo came up to them, and said to Honoka, "I support you a lot!"

"What she really means is that she wants you to expand," Rin said.

"Expand?" Honoka said.

Hanayo blushed. "I mean, um, you don't have to - "

"Make the group bigger to include more people!" Rin barreled on. "Including us!"

"That's a good idea," Honoka said thoughtfully. "Okay! You two are official members of the group!"


"Didn't Maki have a deposition?" Umi said.

Nozomi and Eli exchanged a look. "Yes," Nozomi said solemnly. "But she would prefer to talk about it with you guys."

Maki came into the room, taking Umi's side. "Maki," Honoka said, with tears of betrayal in her eyes.

Maki rolled her eyes. "Do I really have to - "

"Hush, you're on Umi's side," Nozomi said.

From behind the video camera, Nico gave Maki a thumbs up.

Maki sighed and put on her most serious face - so her usual expression. "Honoka had been bothering me to compose," she began.


Honoka and Maki were in the music room. Maki was saying, "You're going to go through life, thinking people don't like you, because - because - "

"Because I'm annoying!" Honoka said cheerfully.

Nico made a cutting motion from behind the camera.

"Because you're annoying," Maki said. "Because you are. And you're a good leader."

"Oh!" Honoka said. "Maki-chan, does that mean you'll compose for us - ?"

"Ugh," Maki said.


"Thank you," Nozomi said, putting her hands together as Maki got up. Nozomi helped usher her out.

"What was the point of that," Umi muttered, but everyone shushed her.

Eli turned to Honoka. "Honoka. What happened after μ's became nine?" she asked, as if she wasn't one of the nine.

Honoka wiped a tear dramatically. "It exploded," she said.


They performed at more concerts around the school. It was soon before A-RISE noticed them, and the leader had told Honoka they should compete. Umi hadn't been against it, but she observed the way it had given Honoka a lot of stress.

"I knew she was a good leader," she told the video camera and Nico. They were standing outside Akihabara where they'd first seen A-RISE performing on the city screen. "But she didn't talk to us about - "

"Cut, cut," Nico yelled from the director's chair. She took her sunglasses off and said to Umi, "I need more emotion - "

"I don't see why we need to do this," Umi said. "We already have enough fans - "

"For the drama! For the people to know that we're human!" Nico said. "Except me, they already know I'm perfect."

Umi sighed.

"From the top!" Nico called.


"We were incredibly successful," Honoka sniffled. She'd managed to garner more tears, somehow. "But I didn't think I could be a good leader - "

"Which was stupid," Umi interrupted.

"Yes," Nico muttered from behind her camera. "This is real. This is raw."

"You slacked off," Umi said. "You just wanted to give up!"

"You hit me!" Honoka cried.

Everyone in the room gasped dramatically, even though they'd all been there to see it.

"Because you couldn't get it through your brain," Umi said defiantly. "I supported you, I performed for you, and you wanted to give up!"

Honoka's lips wobbled. "I - I - " she said.

The room was deathly quiet. Nico looked gleeful in her chair.

Umi permitted them another minute of dramatic silence, before she finally sighed and said, "It's okay. I'm sorry and I forgive you."

"I'm sorry too!" Honoka bawled. "I just wanted what's best for the group and the school!"

"You're student council president," Eli pointed out.

Honoka bawled again and flung herself across the table to hug Umi. It really was remarkable how she kept on crying.

"I never knew you had that many tears in you, Honoka," Kotori said.

Honoka turned to her. "And we didn't even cover your story about working!" she said. "Nico, can we - "

"No," Umi interrupted. "No more docudramas."

"Seconding," Maki said.

"No, I like Honoka's idea," Nico said. "'Kotori - What Secret Is She Hiding?' Or we can make a documentary about how we formed our subgroups - 'Nine Girls In A Faraway Cabin' - "

Nozomi snorted.

Rin put her hands dramatically on the table. "There was betrayal," she said in a hushed voice. "There were best friends stabbing each other in the back. There were people intervening and making it worse - "

"You mean us?" Hanayo said fearfully.

"You added the spice," Nico said.

"And you didn't really make it worse," Maki added. "We're all part of μ's, guys - "

Nico shushed her. "We're still rolling," she said. "Hanayo? How does it feel being the other woman?"

"The other woman?" Hanayo squeaked.

"Hanayo didn't do anything," Umi said. "All I did was hit Honoka - "

"You betrayed her," Rin said in an undertone.

"No, I betrayed Umi!" Honoka argued.

"We need to do a documentary on Nico next," said Nozomi. "I'll do the betraying."

"What would you betray her for?" Eli asked.

Nozomi shrugged. "Stealing her catchphrase."

Nico pouted. "You wouldn't," she said.

"She would," said Maki.