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the leaves are falling

Summary: Chase keeps Raimundo and Jack prisoner.

Char/Pair: Raimundo/Chase, Raimundo/Chase/Jack

Genre: i don't know. um. porn? slash? threesome? no romance

Rating: NC-17

A/N: This is a super problematique thing I started in 2012, but I finally finished it, so... clearly you know where my priorities are. Originally requested by Nacho.

When Raimundo was sure they wouldn't win, at least not today, he called to the others, "Fall back, to the temple!" The bad guys, as bad as they were, rarely attacked them directly at the temple--sometimes Omi said it was because they knew it was the monks' home, but Raimundo was pretty sure that as somewhat skilled the villains claimed themselves to be, the monks at the temple were more knowledgeable and vastly outnumbered the crapload of guys who came after them, anyways.

Raimundo started to run back with them, bringing up the behind as he always did--but then something wrapped around his ankle, fastening him and lifting him into the sky. The others hesitated; Kimiko yelled, "Rai!" and Omi said, "Jack Spicer, what are you doing with our leader?" and Clay tried to lasso him back.

It didn't work, because whatever cord that was around Raimundo's ankle was too strong. "I'll be okay, guys!" Raimundo called, as Jack cackled evilly from above him. "I'll break out, or--or something!"

"We'll come and get you!" said Kimiko, and the others probably said something else but it was too far away for Raimundo to hear anymore.

He tried to lift himself up, at least to see Spicer's gross face. "What are you doing with me, anyways?" he asked Jack, who seemed intent on going somewhere in particular. Raimundo wondered if he could break Jack's jetpack or something--being Dragon of Wind and all didn't have him afraid of falling.

"Brownie points," cackled Jack. "Chase wasn't at the battle today, so I thought I could bring you to him to get on his good side."

"Aren't you already on his good side? You evil people are all the same, aren't you?" Raimundo struggled with his foot: his left ankle was practically locked into place, and he was left-footed.

Jack sighed. "Chase is... complicated. But we're getting there, I swear."

"Right, okay, I'm totally impressed with how in love with Chase you are," said Raimundo. "D'you think you could get me in a better position, because this is really freakin' uncomfortable--"

"Nuh uh uh, I know that trick," said Jack, wagging a finger without looking at him. "Nope, you're gonna be like this until I get to Chase's cave."

"And how long's that gonna be?" Raimundo crossed his arms.

Jack glanced at his watch, then counted on his fingers. "Oh... an hour or so?"

"Great," said Raimundo, and hoped he wouldn't get too lightheaded from dangling upside down.


As physics in cartoons go, he felt only mildly dizzy when he touched the ground again. Or perhaps it was just that he was in his element when he was in the air. He didn't know.

Jack had him handcuffed and chained up to one of his Jackbots immediately before the ankle brace came off. Raimundo rubbed his heel and said, "Geez, you could've been easier on me."

"Yeah, like you guys were ever easy on me when you had me in," Jack scoffed. "C'mon." He seemed confident with Raimundo (plus Jackbot) trailing behind him, until a tiger at Chase's entrance growled, and then Jack whimpered.

"Tell Chase I have a present for him!" he said, leaping back slightly. Raimundo rolled his eyes.

The tiger looked Jack up and down, and then Raimundo, and then started into the cave. Jack followed; Raimundo didn't want to, but the Jackbot pushed him forward.

He trailed after as Jack passed by the blue fountains and crevices of Chase's lair, which wasn't as dark as Raimundo thought evil lairs would be. Well, he'd been here a few times before, but never had quite a good look around. Chase was a classy guy, he supposed, and it figured with how pretentious Chase acted.

"Mr. Chase Young sir, I have a present," Jack said as soon as he saw Chase at the far end of the hall, stroking one of his lions and looking unamused. Raimundo wondered if he did that all day.

"Excuse you, but I am a person, not a thing." Raimundo tried tugging at the chains. The Jackbot kept him in check.

Both Chase and Jack ignored this, though Chase glanced to him before asking, "And what, Jack Spicer, did you think would be accomplished if you brought this boy to me?"

"Well," said Jack weakly, "you kidnapped Omi that one time, right? Think of everything you could do if you had Raimundo! The Xiaolin Shoku Warrior!"

"I have no need for such meaningless titles," said Chase, turning away.

"Does that mean that I can go now?" Raimundo asked eagerly.

Chase shot a glimpse at him. "You'll be considered a mere prisoner," he said, and Raimundo suppressed a groan. "As will you," he added to Jack, who yelped in surprise.

"B-But, why me--"

"You trespassed upon my cave without my permission," said Chase.

"But," Jack's eyes went big and teary, "you used to let me do it all the time! You've never taken me prisoner before, why are you--"

"Guards," Chase called impatiently, and immediately two lions, a tiger, and a panther appeared. Jack shrieked in fright again as Raimundo grumbled and allowed himself to be nudged along by Chase's animals. And the Jackbot.


After urging them into their cell (Raimundo went without protest because those animals were freaky, man. Jack kept yelping and refusing to go in until the lion growled at him; Raimundo dropped Jack from his arms before you could say "three second rule"), the animals tore the Jackbot apart, so that was good. Jack whimpered,

"That was my favorite Jackbot, he was the only one who did everything exactly as I asked..."

"Big whoop, dude, I think we got bigger fish to fry." Raimundo glanced around. "This is a little basic for Chase Young, isn't it? You'd think he'd have a more impressive prison."

"You be quiet! Chase is a perfect, and great evil villain..." Jack looked like he was about to cry.

"Whatever." Raimundo peered out through the bars on the prison window, but saw nothing but rocks and mountain. "If only there was a way to get me to the others," he muttered. "Then they could rescue me..."

"I'm all alone and I have nothing to do!" Jack was curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth on the floor. "I miss my--"

"I swear to god if you say something like you miss your mommy--"

"I wasn't going to!" Jack said defensively. A second later Raimundo swore he heard Jack mutter it under his breath, though.

Raimundo sighed. "Why's Chase keeping us here? Shouldn't he like, want to kill us?" he said. "Isn't that what bad guys do?"

"Well yeah, I guess so," said Jack. "Maybe he'll let us out later. Or maybe he'll make us be his servants! I won't mind that too much," he said, "although 'evil boy genius' looks better on my resume than 'evil villain's house servant'..."

"God," Raimundo muttered. "And why do I have to be stuck with you? Out of all people..."

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm not a fan of being here with you, either," said Jack. "We just gotta suck it up and see what Chase wants with us."

Raimundo could've come up with a witty retort, but he realized Jack was right; there was nothing much they could do now.

"Y'know, we're only here because of you," he said.

"Shut up," Jack grumbled.


A couple of hours must've passed before Chase came down to them, a tiger and a panther at his side. Raimundo wondered how much Chase liked his pets. Like, really liked them.

"I have finally decided what to do with you pests," he said, and Jack sprang forward and clung onto the prison bars immediately.

"You're going to let us go?" He reached to grab Chase's armor.

Chase shied away and gave him a disgusted look. "No," he said. "You're going to be my slave," he snapped his fingers and Jack turned into a red-and-white striped cat, "and you," he looked at Raimundo, "you're going to be my special needs assistant, Raimundo."

"Aw," said Jack, looking enviously at Raimundo (who was still human, thank god.) "Why can't I be your special needs assistant?"

"Because you're annoying and have no concept of personal space," said Chase, and then snapped his fingers again. The jail cell immediately opened. "Now get to your work."


Now that Raimundo was Chase's "special needs assistant", he got a room in the west wing that was mostly oak with reds and cherry browns. He didn't even know what "special needs" entailed, but as long as he wasn't trapped in that small cell with Spicer, it was better. He flopped onto the bed; the others would come and rescue him at any moment, he knew it.

He heard the door open and then Chase walked in, no animals with him this time. "So are you going to tell me exactly what you mean by 'special needs'?" Raimundo asked, sitting up.

"We're getting to that now, actually," said Chase. He was smirking, and Raimundo's confidence faltered.

"Uh," he said.

Chase had sat down next to him, on his bed; he yanked Raimundo by the arm and tugged beneath his tunic to get his black trousers down. It took Raimundo a few seconds to realize that Chase wasn't wearing underpants, and he looked up at him.

"You're really one lonely dude, aren't you?" he said.

Chase disregarded this. He pointed at his scaly cock. "Get to work," he said, and Raimundo sighed before bending his head down.


Raimundo had his mouth wrapped around Chase's lizard cock, was trying to figure out how to suck it properly. Its scales prodded the inside of his mouth, so it wasn't exactly easy--Raimundo thought he could use his teeth, but when he bared them just a little, Chase hissed and slapped his face, demanded, "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, sorry," Raimundo muttered, adjusting his lips around Chase again.

This was now the third time he was doing this. It wasn't terrible, Raimundo guessed. As far as like, dudes went, Chase wasn't bad looking--and he was still in his human form when Raimundo was doing this. It was just that the skin around Chase's penis was a bit greener, more scalier than it would be on a human (that is, having any scales at all), and his penis was pointed, lizardlike, and Raimundo was supposed to have it in his mouth.

Raimundo brought his mouth off and scrunched his nose, and went, "Geez, when's the last time you showered?" Chase glared down at him--Raimundo sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I'm assuming it comes with the package," he said, before leaning his head forward again. He got his mouth wet and wrapped it around Chase's cock. Chase groaned as he sat on Raimundo's bed, pushing into Raimundo's mouth.

They heard a mewl behind them, and Raimundo turned to see Jack as a cat in the doorway. "Ugh, what's he doing," Chase said, as Jack trotted in, looking upset for a cat.

"Hey, no fair," Jack said, still in his human voice even when he was a cat. "Why do you get to do this with Chase? What about me?"

"Do you want to do this," Raimundo asked dryly, taking his mouth off of Chase again.

Jack looked indignant. "Well, yeah," he said. "Is this what he meant by 'special needs'? You need someone to do this?"

"I'm surprised, Jack Spicer," Chase said. His cock was still in their faces. "You would really get on your knees for me?"

Jack pawed at Chase's knee. "Duh," he said. "What did you think I wanted? Your fatherly approval? Your validation?"

"Well," Chase said, and he and Raimundo exchanged a look. "Yes."

Chase snapped his fingers, and Jack was back into his old self, trenchcoat and all. Raimundo said, "Dude, you really want to do this?" and Jack said eagerly, "Yeah, yeah, of course."

"Okay," Raimundo said, and stood up, stepped back. "Now that you have another special needs servant, Chase, I'll just be going now--"

Chase snapped his fingers again, and the door to the room slammed shut. "No, Raimundo," Chase said. "You can watch as Jack does his job."

"Watch?" Raimundo said incredulously, but then Jack ducked his head down, eagerly, and suddenly Raimundo couldn't tear his gaze away.

Jack sucked so enthusiastically, bobbing his head up and down, swallowing around Chase's weird lizard cock that Raimundo suddenly felt himself get hard in his pants. He watched, mesmerized as Chase grunted, pushed himself into Jack's mouth as Jack used his lips, dong, deftly on the underside of Chase's penis, getting more of him in his mouth. Jack got Chase to the back of his throat and Chase groaned; Jack said, "I always imagined you making that noise," and Raimundo shoved his hands in his pants.

It was kind of gross, but also ridiculously--Raimundo didn't have words, the way Jack kept sucking like it was what his mouth was made to do. Raimundo grunted and came in his hand, in his pants, the same time Chase threw his head back and jolted into Jack's mouth. Jack took it all in, swallowed, even though the last few times Raimundo had done this he had spit since the taste was so gross. Lizard cock was weird. Raimundo was never sure that he liked it.

Chase pulled his cock out of Jack's mouth and tucked himself back into his pants. "You two," he said, gesturing to Raimundo who was guiltily readjusting himself, and Jack who didn't look like he was sure if he was allowed to touch himself. "Kiss."

Raimundo and Jack glanced at each other,.

"But he--" Raimundo said.

"I--" Jack said.

Chase dismissed them with a wave of his hand. "Kiss," he repeated, commanded.

They were Chase's prisoners, after all. Raimundo sent Jack a skeptical look, but made his way over as Jack stood up from the bed. Jack wasn't moving as much as Raimundo was--maybe he'd hoped to get a kiss from Chase, instead--so Raimundo had to be the one to say, "Hold still, Spicer," put his hands on Jack's shoulders, and plant one on him.

It was a boring kiss at first, just the touch of their two lips. But then Raimundo heard Chase sigh with annoyance behind them, and figured if Chase wanted a show--then he could get one, whatever. Raimundo slunk his hands down to Jack's waist, brought him in closer, and when Jack opened his mouth in surprise, slipped his tongue in. He roamed the inside of Jack's mouth, and Jack moaned, his own hands coming up to Raimundo's shoulders.

It was a hot kiss, and Raimundo definitely could've gone for more, especially with the way that Chase was watching them expectantly from the bed--but before it could go any further, the wall to the room exploded into rubble, and the Xiaolin Dragons were there on Dojo, gaping at the sight of Raimundo and Jack's arms wrapped around each other.

A silence fell among all of them.

Then Omi shouted, "Raimundo! What kind of spells does Chase Young have you under?"

Raimundo ignored him, looked at Jack and Chase, then said, "Gotta go, guys, duty calls."

Chase didn't even bother to stop him, though Jack called after him, "Wait! I don't even have your phone number."

Raimundo hopped onto Dojo, who asked, "Are you okay, Raimundo?"

"Yeah, Rai," Clay said. "What weird twisted things is Chase Young making you do?"

"Kiss Jack?" Kimiko added, making a disgusted face. "Ew."

Raimundo shook his head, but couldn't help himself from smiling at what he knew. "You don't even want to know," he said to his friends, before turning back to Chase and Jack, who was trying to toss a paper up with his number on it to Raimundo.

As Dojo took off, going, "We gotta get you outta here and away from Chase Young," Raimundo caught the paper from Jack in the air.

He called down to Chase and Jack, who were still watching him, "We should do this again sometime!" He saw Chase wave at him, as Jack ran to the edge of the room desperately, and Raimundo grinned--he couldn't help himself from waving back.