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different hues

different hues (aone & hinata sibs bonding)
Hinata's family had insisted on coming to the final match in Sendai. Though Hinata wasn't particularly embarrassed of his family, it was kind of weird when his mother was congregated with the other Karasuno parents and ruffled his hair. "He's only been playing since middle school and he's already a star," she said fondly.

Natsu was usually at her side; during the match, Hinata had heard her from the stands, cheering out of beat with the rest of the Karasuno audience. She had also taken to the Datekou chant when they'd stepped onto the court -- the moment the crowd erupted with, "LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO, DATEKOU!"Hinata could hear her familiar high pitched squeals chanting along with them.

"Natsu!" he tried to shout up to the audience. "That's not my team! That's my opponent!"

Oblivious and gleeful, Natsu had continued shouting, "Let's go, let's go, let's go, Datekou!" along with the green and white crowd. Hinata had sighed; Kageyama looked amused, and Hinata elbowed him to not say anything.

Right now, afterward though, Natsu wasn't with his mother. Hinata realized as all the parents started talking with each other ("they're so serious about it!" "did you know that my son studied just to stay on the team?" "same!") and Natsu wasn't there to bug him to pick her up, or shout the Datekou chant again. Hinata swiveled around -- he couldn't see Natsu anywhere.

"Natsu!" he shouted, hopelessly. He ran back to his team, huddled in a circle at the edge of the court.

"Have you seen my sister?" he asked them.

Ennoshita shook his head. "Nope," he said. "I imagine she looks like you, though?"

Hinata scrunched his nose. "I don't know. She's kinda small, has orange hair -- "

"So she looks like you," said Narita. Beside him, Kinoshita and Ennoshita chuckled, while Tanaka and Nishinoya were too busy trying to swap jerseys to pay Hinata much attention. That meant they wouldn't have noticed if Natsu had run by either.

Hinata sighed.

Kageyama squinted somewhere past Hinata's shoulder, and pointed. "I think that's her over there?" he said. "She's hanging out with the Date Tech team, I think."

Hinata turned around so fast he nearly got whiplash. Kageyama was right; Natsu in her small pink and orange glory was standing with Datekou -- with Aoneof people.

It wasn't that Hinata didn't trust Aone. Aone was nice, and sometimes he and Hinata texted. But Natsu was so small and Aone was so big that it was likely that Natsu would get afraid -- she was afraid of their uncle, when she'd first met him just last year, and she hid under her covers every time there was a thunderstorm. Meeting Aone wouldn't be much better.

Hinata took off in a sprint. "Natsu!" he shouted. "What are you doing? Get over here!"

Natsu ignored him as he neared, though it was likely she couldn't hear. The closer Hinata got, he could see that Natsu was holding something out to Aone. Panic seized in Hinata's chest.

"Natsu!" he tried again.

The thing in Natsu's hands was a coloring book. Hinata could only recognize it because he could see the markers in her hands from here. She was standing on her tiptoes, babbling excitedly to Aone about something as she held her coloring book up, and Aone was nodding.

Hinata practically tackled her as soon as he was close enough. She fell onto his body, with a small, "oof!"

"Natsu!" Hinata scolded, looking her in the eye. "What are you doing? You can't just run off like that!"

Natsu straightened herself up and huffed, with as much dignity a six year old girl could muster. "I didn't run off, onii-san," she said. "Mommy said I could talk to these big kids if I wanted."

"Mom's just -- "

Hinata blundered, before he realized he was still on the ground, after Natsu had gotten off of him. Aone was staring confusedly down at him, and offered a hand out to Hinata.

Hinata took it, grumbling. "Hi, Aone," he said. "I hope my sister didn't bother you that much."

Aone shook his head.

"He looks like one of my drawings!" Natsu said eagerly, shoving her coloring book into Hinata's face. "Look, look -- see? Doesn't he look like this polar bear?" She shuffled with her book and opened it, before pointing to her poorly colored polar bear.

Hinata took one look at it and giggled. "I guess," he said; there was a vague likeness, in the lack of eyebrows and the big awkward way the polar bear on the page held itself. Hinata glanced at Aone, who had a faint pink tinge in his cheeks. There might've been a hint of a smile on his face, too, but he was not sure.

"I like polar bears," Aone told Natsu.

Natsu beamed up at him. "Me too!" She turned to Hinata and tugged on his jersey. "What about you, nii-chan? Do you like polar bears too?"

Hinata glanced up at Aone. Aone seemed to be waiting for Hinata's response, something lingering in his eyes.

Hinata smiled at the both of them. "Yeah," he said. "I like polar bears, too."