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ennotananoya boueibu au

ennotananoya bouiebu au

"Love... MAKING!" Nishinoya exclaimed.

Ennoshita moaned from next to him. "Do you have to shout that every time?"

"It's what we do!"

Laughing, Nishinoya ran toward the giant potato monster that had spawned from their volleyball team, None of them really knew why Tsukishima had spontaneously turned into a potato, but they knew they would figure it out before the battle was over.

"I will have my honor!" shouted the Tsukishima potato. "I will not be mocked again!"

"No one mocked him?" Tanaka said in a question as he jumped pointlessly to the roof of the school.

Nishinoya joined him. "He's probably talking about his tragic backstory."

Ennoshita was the third on the roof. "Guys," he said. "Why did you fly up here?"

"To show off," said Tanaka. "Duh, Ennoshita-san! Get with the times."

"I wasn't aware that being a part of the earth's defense crew meant showing off," Ennoshita said dryly.

Still, they attacked Tsukishima-potato with all they had. Tsukishima-potato was stubborn -- he yelled at them for being noisy and unnecessary, and when Nishinoya asked, "What about volleyball?" Tsukishima nearly threw a tantrum.

"Who cares about volleyball!" he yelled.

"You do!" Tanaka shouted at him, shooting a beam of light at Tsukishima. It did nothing. "You're on the team!"

Tsukishima potato scoffed. He had blond hair and something resembling glasses, though potatoes didn't really need to wear glasses. "Only as a formality," he told them. "It's not like I actually care about volleyball!"

Nishinoya and Tanaka were about to try to combine their beams of light (that, frankly, did not do much) to attack Tsukishima potato when they heard a roaring come from the volleyball club room. Ennoshita stopped in midair to see Yamaguchi flying out, flinging himself between Tsukishima potato and the school.

"Tsukki!" Yamaguchi yelled.

"Holy shit," whispered Tanaka.

"I didn't know he could shout that loud," Ennoshita mused.

"What are you doing?" Yamaguchi shouted at Tsukishima.

Tsukishima potato tried to hit him, but Yamaguchi was immune -- large french fries flung from Tsukishima's already french fry arms, and Yamaguchi merely grabbed one and ate it.

"Holy shit," Tanaka said.

"Yamaguchi," said Nishinoya, "is fucking hardcore."

"I will not be mocked again!" Tsukishima cried.

"You weren't mocked!" Yamaguchi shouted at him. "You aren't mocked! And you're on the volleyball team, and I'm here with you, so what more do you need?"

He stormed over to Tsukishima, grasping him by his potato skin, and shook him.


"Ketchup," Nishinoya put in.

Ennoshita stared. "I... have a feeling that's not how it was supposed to go."

Nonetheless, Tsukishima potato was quiet. Then slowly, slowly, he shrunk back down to normal size, and to his human form. Yamaguchi was panting above him from all his yelling.

Tsukishima looked up at him weakly. He slid his glasses back onto his nose.

"What happened?" he asked.

Tanaka, Nishinoya, and Ennoshita came back down, transforming to their human selves in the process. Narita and Kinoshita came from where they'd been watching at the edge of the grounds. Kinoshita pat Nishinoya on the back.

"Nice going, you guys," he said.

"We didn't even do anything!" said Ennoshita.

They approached Yamaguchi and Tsukishima in the middle of the courtyard. Yamaguchi looked surprised to see them.

"Where did you come from?" he asked as he helped Tsukishima up. "Did you guys see the heroes that were here earlier?"

"What heroes?" said Nishinoya.

"I bet they were pretty awesome, weren't they?" said Tanaka, grinning.

Ennoshita sighed. "Yamaguchi," he said, seriously to him. "Don't mind the other heroes. You're the real hero today."

Yamaguchi blushed. "It was nothing," he said, glancing up at Tsukishima. "I'm just glad that he's back to normal."

Tsukishima had his eyebrows furrowed, looking between all of them. "I'm craving ketchup," he muttered to himself. "Can we go get something to eat?"

"I'll treat!" offered Nishinoya.

Tanaka ran after him as he took off. "Buy my lunch, too!"

"How is this my life," Ennoshita moaned.