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sourin police fucking

sourin police fucking

"Shit," says Sousuke.

They're in the back of Sousuke's office. Rin is sitting in his lap, legs splayed out on either side of Sousuke's body. He kisses down Sousuke's neck, rolling his hips against Sousuke's.

He peers up to grin at Sousuke. "What was that?"

"This is a terrible idea, you know," Sousuke says to him. Their boss could come in at any second -- office relationships be damned, it was him and Rin. Even though they were good at their jobs, their officials didn't trust them already with the number of trouble they'd gotten into over the past few years.

And now Rin was grinding against Sousuke's cock through the fabric of his jeans, and Sousuke was trying terribly hard to think clearly.

"Mm," says Rin, kissing at Sousuke's collarbone. "Is that a complaint?"

Sousuke can't even bring himself to complain properly as Rin unbuttons the top of his shirt, kissing at his chest. He begins undoing his own pants, exposing his tight little ass.

Sousuke runs his hands over it. Rin smirks up at him and doesn't even pull his pants all the way down. He's bare sitting on Sousuke's thighs, and his naked ass rolls against Sousuke's body once more.

Sousuke curses. "Fuck," he says, before shifting Rin a little to try to make work of his own jeans. But Rin helps him with that, too, getting his hard leaking cock out.

Rin licks his lips upon sight. Sousuke's not sure if Rin's even aware of it, but that Rin is so hungry for his dick makes Sousuke's vision grey out a little. "Lube," is all he can manage.

They get his fingers lubed up, Rin smirking and moaning as Sousuke fingers him, hard and deep. His fingers curl and he wants to see if Rin can come just from his fingers inside him; but then Rin pulls away and says, "I need your dick."

Sousuke's kind of sold at that.

He lubes himself up, too, before Rin adjusts himself. He sits on Sousuke's cock, right on his lap, lowering himself gently at first, slow.

He is so, so tight and hot and Sousuke's head is a mess.

Rin adjusts and then groans. Sousuke can feel him clench, tight ring of muscle against his dick.

"You're so fucking thick," Rin says, with a grin. "So huge. Love your cock, Sousuke."

"Jesus," says Sousuke.

"So good," Rin tells him, before leaning into a kiss.

He fucks himself down on Sousuke, driving him in balls deep, again and again until Sousuke can barely feel anything, the rest of his nerve endings numb except for where he is burning hot in Rin.

And then Rin keeps himself seated on Sousuke's cock, not even thrusting anymore, just moving Sousuke's cock around inside him, rocking back and forth, changing the angle and getting him all over again and again, perfect friction and his perfect round cheeks rolling along Sousuke's thighs. He gets Sousuke in him deep and good like his ass was made for Sousuke's dick, made for Sousuke fucking him, and Sousuke tries hard to bounce Rin against him as he grinds down and it's so -- hard -- jesus --

He comes inside Rin, first, getting him all wet and messy that Rin cries out in surprise. His undone jeans have chafed against Sousuke's legs but he doesn't care -- he still bucks into him despite that he's getting soft, until Rin comes too, all over them and their uniforms.

They pant as they come down. Rin takes one look at the both of them and giggles.

"We're a mess," he says.

"You're a mess," Sousuke says fondly. "Good thing we keep a spare change of clothes back here."

Though they really need to take out their office laundry.