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hinayachi witch au

hinayachi witch au

Hinata is bright, bubbling laughter, flying in the air. Yachi watches with awe from the ground, knowing her eyes are as big as the saucers Hinata had conjured up for lunch yesterday, for them to eat their toadstools on. Yachi had never eaten a toadstool before, but it was sweet and soft like the inside of a cake.

Now, Hinata is whooping, broomstick fluttering in the breeze. "Hey, Yacchan!" he calls, grinning down at her. "How do I look?"

He is miles up in the sky, or at least that's how he looks from Yachi down below. She can see him, hear him clearly -- but that might just be the magic, and Hinata's ability to shout loud enough for everyone to hear. He is messy, and thoughtless, and beautiful. His hair whips as he flies, and Yachi can't take her eyes off of him.

For some reason, the use of his nickname for her makes something warm bubble in her lungs. Maybe that's his magic, too. "You look great!" she shouts as loud as she can, cupping her mouth with her hands. She feels kind of silly, but the way that Hinata whoops in joy is all worth it.

"Awesome!" he shouts back. He does a flip in the air and Yachi worries, for a split second -- but he's fine, laughing and righting himself back up again, the front of his robe fluttering into his face.

He's not wearing a pointy hat or cursing people into frogs, but he's the only witch Yachi's ever met in her life. She watches with amazement as he flutters back down, giggling a bit, robe tucking up a bit briefly. He is panting and sweaty, but certainly not worn out -- he has the energy and the light of a thousand suns. Yachi has to blink, looking at him.

"You're incredible," she says to him earnestly, feeling her heart do that warm thing again. Darn Hinata and his magic!

Except she doesn't really mean it, with the way Hinata beams at her and scratches the back of his head with the edge of his broom. "Nah, I'm just a witch," he says.

That he says just a witch baffles Yachi -- if she could do magic, she would be doing it left and right. Until her mother told her to stop, of course, but sometimes life would be easier if the dishes could wash themselves, or if she could magically find the best vegetables in the market instead of having to pick up each of them one by one and make sure that she doesn't get one that's rotten or too bruised or just ugly looking.

Hinata lives at the edge of the forest, and she had found him mere days ago when the market was all out of blueberries and she wanted to make blueberry bread -- for her mother, and for herself. She knew the wood had had the fruit, had gone in search for the bushes, trying to find some that weren't too sweet or too sour.

Instead she had found Hinata outside of his hut, cursing loudly at a rock. "You -- stupid -- rock -- !" he had said, even though the rock had been sitting innocently on a log, doing nothing. "Turn into a stupid frog, you stupid -- !"

Yachi had been startled, crouched but curious, behind a tree where she hoped this orange-haired stranger wouldn't see her. She had never seen anyone with orange hair before, either -- it was like a fire, or maybe an overgrown carrot.

But then he had looked in her direction, and Yachi had yelped. This was obviously stupid, as she tried to hide behind the tree again, breathing as quietly as she could.

"Hello?" he had called.

Yachi closed her eyes and counted to ten.

"I know you're there," came his voice. "I saw you, you know."

Yachi continued not to move. She couldn't flee -- who knew what he would do if she tried to run? Maybe if she kept quiet, he would just go --

But then he appeared in front of her, like he had popped out of thin air.

"Hi!" he'd said eagerly. "Who are you? I'm Hinata Shouyou! Why are you hiding from me?"

"Uh -- um," Yachi had barely managed out. "I -- I'm Yachi Hitoka, I -- I'm sorry, I was just looking for some blueberries."

"Blueberries?" Hinata's eyes went big. Comically, they could pop out of his skull. This was the first time Yachi had started thinking that Hinata wasn't like her, because he was astounded at something she had said, something she liked doing.

Yachi straightened up and tried to clear her throat. It came out more as a cough. "Yes," she said, as timidly as she could. "I was just -- I wanted to cook something, for my family, so if you'll excuse me -- "

"I have blueberries in my hut!" Hinata said eagerly. "I also have other berries, if you need them. My sister, she's good at picking fruit." His eyes twinkled, even though they were under the shadows of the large canopy trees.

Yachi hesitated. "Your sister?" she asked.

"She's a baby, but you know how babies are." Hinata laughed, light and tinkling. "They're more at one with nature."

Yachi had never heard that in her life. "Um," she'd said. "Okay."

And then she'd let Hinata lead her past the tree she was hiding behind, into his hut, to the world of his sister picking fruits for him and experimenting with all sorts of things in his big black cauldron and trying (and still failing) to turn rocks into frogs.

But here, Hinata thrusts his broomstick forward with his hand. He's grinning, and not saying anything, and it takes Yachi a full minute to realize what she's suggesting.

"No -- No," she says quickly, waving her hand. "You're -- I'm not a witch, Hinata -- "

"That's okay!" Hinata says brightly. "She's magic, she'll like you too, I know." He grins. "Since I like you."

"Uh -- um." Heat encapsulates Yachi's face like a wildfire. "That's -- I'm really -- "

She's not terrified of heights, but she is terrified of magic -- of what Hinata can do, wonders and dangers alike. She's seen him throw unidentifiable ingredients into his pot, having it explode his face, charring his forehead and the tips of his ears. He'd laugh through his ashen face as Yachi would have her hand to her mouth, and say it's okay.

Yachi doesn't have whatever it is that he has -- magic, talent, courage.

"Come on, Yacchan," Hinata encourages. "Give it a go!"

Yachi squeezes her eyes shut, shaking her head rapidly.

She feels Hinata put his arm at her shoulder. She opens her eyes again to see Hinata smiling down at her, small this time, sending warmth to every nerve of her body, to the edges of her toes and her fingertips.

"How about you ride with me," Hinata suggests, "and see how fun it is?"

Yachi isn't sure if it'll be fun -- but having Hinata look at her like this, and there's something about it that makes her want to trust him. Maybe it's the magic. Maybe it's something else.

"Okay," she says softly.

Hinata whoops, bringing his broomstick between his legs, sliding forward so there's just enough space between his back and the straw for Yachi to narrowly squeeze in. "You'll love it," he says, as she wraps his arms around his waist, her face flushing at the necessity. "I just know it."

"You're probably speaking too soon," Yachi says nervously.

"Nope," Hinata laughs. "I'm not!"

And then he takes off.

The wind is hard and cold in their faces, and it's terrifying at first -- hitting Yachi like a gust of cold water, sprinkling through her hair. She shivers and squeals as Hinata laughs, taking them higher and higher, at an impossible speed, angling them towards the sun. It beats hot on Yachi's forehead, melding perfectly with the autumn air; her arms tighten around Hinata's middle, scrabbling for purchase in the creases of his robes.

"Isn't this fun?" Hinata shouts, voice joyful.

Yachi opens her mouth. But there is an inexplicable thrill in her throat -- one that she can't quite place, when she's not looking down but instead at Hinata in front of her, who is peering at her over his shoulder, face alight with a cheshire smile.

"Yeah," she agrees, heart flipping and soaring with them. "It is."