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kagehina olympic porn

kagehina olympic porn

Giggling, they make their way into the locker room, bursting through the doors and collapsing on the first bench that they see. Excitement runs up and down Shouyou's veins, and he sits himself in Kageyama's lap, as Kageyama runs his hands up and down Shouyou's sides.

"We've come so far," Kageyama murmurs, kissing at Shouyou's chin, his jawline.

Shouyou scrunches his next, laughing breathlessly as Kageyama's afternoon stubble tickles him. "Are you going to get nostalgic on me?" he asks.

Without responding, Kageyama shoves Shouyou further up his thighs, kissing Shouyou deeply on the mouth. Shouyou sighs between their lips; he is drunk on the victory and the thrill of spikes and Kageyama here, kissing him like the world is going to end when it's only the beginning. Shouyou rocks himself down on Kageyama, making him groan.

"You wanna?" Kageyama asks, pulling away to look Shouyou in the eye.

Shouyou grins. "Only if you want to," he says.

They keep lubricant and condoms in their bags, usually because even though they live together, sometimes it's better to live life on the edge. Plus, Kageyama is always desperate for it, and Shouyou is eager to satisfy, to get Kageyama hot through his pants and watch the way his eyes darken. Shouyou helps prep him from his thighs; he has not gotten much bigger since high school. Kageyama hasn't, either, but he's always been bigger than Shouyou.

"Ready?" Kageyama asks, when the condom is on and Shouyou is slicked open inside, needing him.

Shouyou rolls his eyes and lifts his hips. "Do you really need to ask that?" he asks, Kageyama into him.

They haven't even bothered to slip their jerseys or shorts off, the soft of Kageyama's shorts sliding against Shouyou's jersey. Shouyou moans and thrusts down on him, as Kageyama bucks his hips up at the same time, thick and good. It hasn't been a while, but -- they are insatiable, the two of them. Shouyou knows it.

They fuck gently at first; but soon enough, Shouyou is needing more, wanting more, muttering to Kageyama to go harder and Kageyama is going, "I'm fucking you as hard as I can." Hearing it makes Shouyou drool a bit, and he whines, scrabbling at Kageyama's back as Kageyama's dick slams inside him, angling and angling until he's hitting there and Shouyou is crying out, rutting against Kageyama's jersey until he comes.

He gets his spunk on Kageyama's clothes; Kageyama comes too, one hard grunt before his eyes clothes and his mouth opens, silently. Shouyou watches until he's done, before flicking Kageyama on the lips, grinning.

"You're usually louder during your orgasm," he notes.

Kageyama blushes, slipping out of Shouyou. He shoves Shouyou off his lap.

"We've got to go back out to our teammates," he reminds Shouyou. "They're probably right there, wondering where we are."

Shouyou shrugs, trailing after him as they head back towards the locker room doors. "They know where we are," he says, to Kageyama's back. "They probably know what we're doing, too."

He smirks as the back of Kageyama's neck turns red.