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ushihina size kink

ushihina size kink..........

The kid from Karasuno -- Hinata, Wakatoshi makes sure to remember his name -- he's so fucking small.

Wakatoshi hadn't thought much of it at first. Not when they'd met for the first time, running like an idiot toward Wakatoshi's school, in awe of it, saying things like how he was going to defeat Wakatoshi during the spring highs. Not even when he'd sprung up, jumping so high it was like he was flying, looking Wakatoshi dead in the eye and refusing to break eye contact.

Hinata calls him Japan. It confuses Wakatoshi, but Hinata sounds awed whenever he does it, so Wakatoshi is not complaining.


There is a lot about Hinata to complain about.


There is the actual spring high match, when Wakatoshi and his team are hitting and hitting and hitting straight for Karasuno, and they refuse to back down.


There is when Karasuno fucking wins, defeats Wakatoshi's team.


Thanks to Hinata.


Wakatoshi grits his teeth, but he is not that type of person -- he does not pick fights with someone who he thinks won't stand a chance against him.

Karasuno, Hinata, wasn't supposed to stand a chance against him.


They shake hands and go off on their separate ways.


Wakatoshi cannot stop thinking about him.


And then -- then there are the days afterward, when Wakatoshi is in class and the rest of his teammates are groveling about winning.

He is thinking about Hinata.

How fucking tiny he is.

How he has so much energy in his tiny, tiny body, and how he'd defeated Wakatoshi.

Wakatoshi can't stop thinking about it.


He's just so small.


And Wakatoshi knows he's big, because he towers over most of his teammates, because he is the ace.

The most convenient thing about being tall is that if you are, you can get really good at volleyball.

Especially if you try.

Wakatoshi knows he has natural talent, and he has also tried. He is, he knows, really good at volleyball.

And he is so big, infinitesimally bigger than Hinata.


He wonders what Hinata's body would feel like pressed against his.


Hinata's tiny, tiny body against Wakatoshi's broad chest and in his bulky arms as he would pant and beg Wakatoshi for more.


Wakatoshi thinks about this a lot.


Mostly at night.


There is no excuse to run into Karasuno again. Karasuno is due to take on Tokyo in a few weeks, and Wakatoshi knows that he will be watching -- he and his teammates have already made plans, even if they are not playing.

Wakatoshi wants to see them play again.

He wants to see Hinata play again.


It is Hinata who finds him, a week after their spring high match.


Wakatoshi wonders if Hinata knows that he has been thinking about him.


"Japan," Hinata declares.

Wakatoshi tells him, "That's not my name."


Hinata is walking so close to him and Wakatoshi has to stare so fucking far down to keep eye contact, to see Hinata's tiny as fuck hands and his tiny body, right in front of Wakatoshi's big big chest and waist.


He hoists Hinata up at first.


And Hinata does not even flinch, when Wakatoshi yanks him up off the ground and jams their mouths together and their teeth clack badly because Wakatoshi has only kissed two people before, and one was a girlfriend in middle school and the other is his mother, who doesn't count.

Hinata kisses back, sloppy, eager, like how Wakatoshi has imagined it.

It is even better.

Hinata's legs wrap around Wakatoshi's body, holding himself up steady as Wakatoshi bites and nips at his soft soft skin, getting so fucking hard at how easy it is for him to hold Hinata so impossibly small in his arms.

He drags his hands down and squeezes Hinata's small, round, perfect ass.

Hinata whimpers.

"I've been thinking about this all week," he says, dark-eyed against Wakatoshi's mouth.

This makes Wakatoshi even harder, but he does not say anything as he backs Hinata up into the back of the building.


They are outside, and Hinata for some goddamn reason has lubricant in his backpack, and Wakatoshi is fingering him hard against the building.

Hinata's tiny body twists and turns as he cries out.

He is so fucking small, so tight around Wakatoshi's thick fingers.

Wakatoshi has spiked so many winning balls with these fingers, and now they are deep inside Hinata.

This (almost) feels better than winning.

"Fuck, Ushiwaka," Hinata breathes, looking him in the eye. He is smaller than Wakatoshi but Wakatoshi is holding him up so that they are looking each other directly in the eye, don't have to crane too far up or down.

"Fuck, I want you in me," Hinata whispers. "Want your big big dick -- you're so big, probably longer than me -- like the rest of you -- bigger than what I can imagine, I've been thinking about it for days -- "

His mouth is so fucking dirty and Wakatoshi has never heard anything better in his life and he dives for Hinata's mouth and can only mumble out, "Yeah, yeah," because fuck if he doesn't want it too, doesn't want his long thick dick splitting Hinata open until Hinata is begging for it (begging to come.)

(Begging for him.)

He has to let Hinata drop down as he preps himself, getting his cock out and slicking it up.

Hinata eyes it.

His mouth is watering.

"You want my cock?" Wakatoshi whispers, shoving him up against the wall again. "Want me to fuck you, come inside you? Fill you up with my hot cum?"

"Shit," says Hinata, his eyes rolling back. "Shit, yeah."

Wakatoshi places himself at Hinata's tiny tight rim, even though he has already spread him open as wide as he can.


Tears spring to Hinata's eyes as Wakatoshi pushes himself in.


He is crying.


Wakatoshi would be crying, too.


It feels so good, so fucking good, Hinata tight and hot and wrapped around him like fire searing up his body.

Hinata moans loud, so so loud that it breaks the silence behind the school, and Wakatoshi bounces him on his giant dick.

Hinata's own cock is small, and kind of cute, and Wakatoshi wraps his hand around him.

"Ushiwaka," Hinata whimpers. "Fuck, your dick -- "

"Yeah," Wakatoshi barely manages out. "It's -- it's better than you can imagine, it's the biggest cock you'll ever be fucked by, and you can feel me all in you, buried deep inside you, filling you all up."

He knows Hinata is listening by the way Hinata tightens around him, making Wakatoshi see spots behind his eyes.

Wakatoshi thrusts into him rougher.

Hinata cries.

"You love my big cock," Wakatoshi whispers against his cheek.

"I love," Hinata's eyes are raw and red and his asshole is likely too and he is smiling, somehow, through the tears on his face, "your big cock."


Wakatoshi comes first, inside of him.

He spills right inside him, wet and messy and filthy.

Hinata moans and then he comes, too, fucking into the tight ring of Wakatoshi's fist.

He is orange under the sunlight as he comes down, as Wakatoshi lets him down from the building, as they clean themselves up, wordless.

They steal glances at each other.

Wakatoshi doesn't know what to say.

"I'll see you," he starts.

Hinata finishes for him. "Tomorrow," he decides.

Wakatoshi can feel his own face light up, even though it never does that.

Hinata is small, bright, eager -- waiting for him.

"Tomorrow," Wakatoshi agrees.