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Yachi meets Momoi Satsuki in her first year of university. Momoi is gorgeous with long pink hair and a smile that can make anyone's weekend, all bubbly laughter and bright-eyed. It doesn't hurt that she's ridiculously smart, too, talking conversations around the boys in their class and helping Yachi with her homework.

(She also has incredible breasts, but Yachi figures that's not really an observation most girls make about their other girl friends.)

Momoi has this habit, too, of spending too much time with Yachi that sometimes Yachi fears that she did something to make Momoi stay around her, that maybe Momoi feels sorry for her or feels obligated to hang out with her. Yachi doesn't ask, of course; but one day when Momoi is at her apartment and flopped on Yachi's bed, she hangs off it, staring at Yachi upside down.

Yachi is sitting on her floor, doing her homework. She doesn't mind being on the floor while Momoi occupies her bed -- Momoi is the guest after all, and only deserves the best.

"You know," Momoi says, smiling at Yachi upside down. "I'm glad I met you."

Yachi tries not to blush. The top of Momoi's shirt is riding low, exposing her distinct collarbone. When Yachi notices, she feels her cheeks warm and glances away immediately.

"I'm glad I met you too," she says. Her voice sounds squeaky and high-pitched; she is embarrassed.

But Momoi doesn't seem to have noticed. "It's my first time having a girl friend to hang out with," she says, with a sigh. She smiles straight at Yachi, and Yachi feels something inside her fizzle with desire, delight. "Thanks, Yachi."

Yachi's heart stutters, words she doesn't know resting at the tip of her tongue.


Yachi falls in love with Momoi Satsuki in the winter, when it is November and Momoi is laughing as they both do their best not to slip and fall on the icy roads. It snowed yesterday, sleet on the ground; but having Momoi next to her, cling to Yachi's arm like she was always meant to be there, is even scarier than slipping on the black ice.

"This is so hard," Momoi says, her side resting against Yachi's.

Yachi tries not to blush too much. She's afraid that if she does, she will grow so warm that she will melt all the snow around them, and Momoi will know about the funny feelings in her chest.

"Y-Yeah," she agrees.

Momoi says, "Yachi, you're so short, it's hard for me to hold onto you." She giggles a little as she almost slips, and Yachi only barely holds them both steady.

"You're wobbly," Yachi says, unable to help the smile at her mouth.

Momoi grins at her, bright and happy. "Maybe if we do this," she says, before wrapping herself around Yachi like an octopus.

She is so warm and oh, oh my goodness, Yachi can feel Momoi's breasts pressing into her arm. Flame engulfs Yachi's face like a wildfire and she is so sure she will combust on the spot, sending Japan into an early summer, Momoi the cause of it all, a bright pink flower against the snowy landscape.

But she does not explode into a giant pocket of warmth. Instead, Momoi holds onto her and looks Yachi up in the face, grinning. "Isn't this better?" she says.

Yachi tries to move, and giggles at the feeling of Momoi's weight against hers. "We can barely move at all," she says.

Momoi says, "Yeah," and laughs, keeping her arms interlocked around Yachi. Yachi wants to tell her to get off, maybe, because this is embarrassing her to dimensions that likely don't exist -- but Momoi's chest is also pressed against her and she is so warm and it's not like they're in a rush. They're only heading to their daily lunches together; Yachi can indulge herself a little longer.

"Hey Yachi," Momoi says, close to Yachi's ear. "Have you ever kissed in the snow before?"

Startled, Yachi moves so quickly that if she were strong enough, she would've been able to shake Momoi off. Instead, she squeaks out a small, "N-No," and then Momoi's face is so close to hers, her own breath warm and smelling vaguely of green tea toothpaste.

"Do you want to?" Momoi asks, and Yachi sees her gaze flicker down to Yachi's lips.

Yachi nods, so small that if Momoi were a foot away, she wouldn't have been able to spot it. But she is this close so she does, Momoi inches forward until her lips are on Yachi's, and the light sprinkling of snowfall swirls around them, and Yachi is happy to kiss in the snow, to kiss Momoi.


Yachi falls in love with Momoi Satsuki in her first year of university. In winter, she finds out that Momoi has fallen in love with her back.