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soukisu lifeguard au

soukisu lifeguard au

Kisumi squints again the sunlight. He's not imagining it -- there is, indeed, a really hot guy, looking like he was just washed up out of the ocean. Kisumi likes to think he's good at his job, so he's a big aggravated that he missed this maybe five minutes earlier and no one even bothered to tell him that some near-dead guy was on the shore.

On the other hand, the guy is really hot, so if Kisumi manages to revive him, maybe he can ask the guy to dinner or something.

He jogs across the beach, lifeguard whistle bouncing against his chest. As he runs, the sounds of some girls whistling come from the ocean. Kisumi rolls his eyes and waves at them -- they've been flirting with him all summer. They're not bad to look at, though. But Kisumi's a bit preoccupied by the (hot) corpse soaking on the wet sand.

The water laps at his feet as he approaches. Kisumi looks the guy up and down -- he is really hot, clear biceps and triceps and all the other stuff that Rin's sister tends to go on about. Plus, his chest is huge and shines under the sun. It's pretty still, though, and there's a weird angle to his shoulder. It had probably jammed against something while the guy was being tousled underwater.

Kisumi crouches down, trying not to get too distracted. It's utterly inappropriate if this guy doesn't wake up, and Kisumi's not sure if he can live with the fact that he ogled at a dead guy on his job. He takes a deep breath and holds the hot guy by the chin, before going in and proceeding to give mouth to mouth.

The way CPR works -- well, the way Kisumi had been taught, anyway -- is that you're supposed to check for breathing and any signs of life, before you actually do the lip to lip action. Except the guy had certainly looked like he was dead, and not breathing (though Kisumi may have just been distracted by his actual chest to check if it was rising and falling), so what was the point in wasting time when Kisumi was so sure that the sooner he didn't get his mouth on the guy, the sooner the guy would die?

And when you give CPR, you're supposed to pull back and listen to see if you've resuscitated the guy. And you're supposed to blow air into his mouth to get it into his throat --

-- except the moment Kisumi's lips land on the hot guy's, there is a small cough. And before Kisumi can actually pull back, the guy is pressing back -- he's fucking kissing Kisumi, while Kisumi is struggling to blow air into his lungs, and then he's not.

Kisumi coughs, tumbling back. He lands on his ass on the wet ground, mouth full of the taste of salt and his own saliva and hot guy. It's not the best combination, but it's not bad.

Hot guy opens both of his eyes, staring at Kisumi.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

"I could -- " Kisumi's voice is loud, and high-pitched. "I could be asking you the same thing!"

Hot guy blinks at him. "I was sunbathing," he answers.

"Right next to the fucking ocean?"

Hot guy shrugs. "I like the feeling of water against my skin," he says. "What about you, then?"

"What about me?"

"You just bent down and kissed me," hot guy says. Kisumi should really stop thinking of him as hot guy, but he is really fucking hot.

"I," says Kisumi, feeling the heat creep up his face. "I thought you were drowning. I was trying to give you CPR."

"Oh." Hot guy looks disappointed.

Kisumi clears his throat. "Not that I minded, you know, you thinking that I was kissing you," he says. "I didn't mind you kissing back, either." He stands up, except that's kind of weird since hot guy is still on the ground, so he sits back down.

"What's your name?" he asks.

There's a hint of a smile on hot guy's lips. "Sousuke Yamazaki. You?"

"Kisumi Shigino." Kisumi props his arms on the his knees. Well, so much for thinking that the guy was dead. Or about to be dead. This is a bit humiliating, except the view from here isn't that bad, and Sousuke had kissed back. Though maybe he thought Kisumi would be better looking (even though Kisumi doesn't really think that he's very ugly, himself.)

Sousuke scratches his back suddenly. "So," he says, sitting up and looking off to the side.

Kisumi stares at him, before bursting into laughter. "You're so awkward, Sousuke-kun," he says.

Sousuke mumbles, "You kissed me first," though he is smiling, pleased.

"Technically, I didn't," Kisumi points out. "You should know who your lifeguard is."

Sousuke's eyes flicker to him. "I do," he says. His voice is on edge, like he wants to add something else; but when he meets Kisumi's eyes again, he blushes, not like the boldness he'd had when Kisumi had kissed him mere minutes ago.

It's cute.

"Well," says Kisumi, getting up again. "I should get back to work. But do you want to grab dinner later?"

Sousuke glances up at him. He is -- not surprised, maybe, but there's definitely something bright in his eyes.

"Yeah," he agrees.

"And then I can give you a CPR session afterward," Kisumi teases with a wink. "A round two, of sorts." He puckers up in Sousuke's direction, expecting Sousuke to get embarrassed and tell him to shut up or something.

Instead, Sousuke throws sand at Kisumi's legs. Kisumi yelps and laughs, anticipation bubbling in his throat; surprises are even better.