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manatou tayswift au

manatou tayswift au

"I don't think you understand," Toudou was saying loudly over the phone.

On the couch, Manami hummed to himself, playing games on his phone as Toudou's music blasted around recording studio. Toudou wasn't quite the type of vain to play his music all the time, but they were producing today -- well, Toudou and his crew were -- and they had been running toying with the drums and the autotune until Toudou had gotten a phone call about the recent news article published about him. And Manami. Manami had read it, of course, but he'd laughed it off, the same way Toudou tried not to take it too seriously until his PR team called him to complain about their lack of subtlety again.

"He is my boyfriend!" Toudou was shouting. "I'm allowed to be as touchy as I want -- yes, of course I care about my image, have you met me? No, I'm not going to -- " he scrubbed a hand over his face. "It's not like I have a hitman in my contacts, but if I did -- "

Manami laughed to himself. "Wow," he said, fumbling with his first person shooter.

Toudou shot him a look, before returning to his phone call. Manami ignored him, as Toudou was prone to being dramatic about things that didn't matter.

Soon enough, Manami died in the video game. He wasn't very good at it. He waited for a minute as Toudou finished yelling at his PR team over the phone, before he joined Manami on the couch, sliding next to him. Toudou huffed and rested his back against Manami's chest. Manami long knew that that was his way of initiating cuddles.

"You could be more supportive," Toudou grumbled.

Manami smiled down at him. "I am supportive," he said. He flicked a few fingers through Toudou's hair. "Don't you remember how we met?"

Toudou let out an indistinguishable noise, which Manami took as a yes. It wasn't either of their best moments at the time, because Manami had just been a fan of Toudou's music -- though who wasn't, when Toudou had an amazing voice and wore the most expensive outfits to events and sung about Romeos and Juliets? Manami's friends and classmates had been surprised at Manami's own obsession because he rarely showed enthusiasm for anything that wasn't bike riding -- but Manami followed Toudou on Twitter and Tumblr, a celebrity admiration growing into a celebrity crush, and though he didn't have a lot of money to scrap up, with what he did have he managed to buy tickets to a number of Toudou's concerts.

It wasn't until after the last Red tour when Manami had decided to go to the nearby cafe afterward -- he was starving -- and as it so happened, Toudou was there, too. He was in disguise and only had a single bodyguard with him so no one paid him much attention, but Manami had recognized him immediately. He knew how it was with celebrities, how you weren't supposed to tell them that you recognized them in the middle of the street. But he couldn't just be twenty feet away from him and not say hi, so he --


Manami's hands were shaking from nervousness already -- it only took another second of bad angling, before he spilled his coffee all over himself, only meters away from Toudou. It was hot and stung; he garnered vocalized sympathy from several onlookers.

But it was nothing compared to the sound of Toudou muttering, "Oh no," and then coming up to him with a bunch of napkins. Toudou was wearing sunglasses and a very non-discreet trenchcoat, though his trademark white headband was visible.

"This is a mess," Toudou had said to him, helping him sop himself up. "Let me buy you another one." He shot Manami a grin like Manami needed persuading -- but Manami had smiled back, and said yes.

One thing had led to another until they were here, Manami's arm slung over Toudou's shoulder as Toudou straightened up to look at him on the couch. In the studio, his producing team was arguing about sampling beats. In the lounge, here, Toudou said, "Just because you're dating me doesn't mean you're my biggest fan."

"But I am," Manami said, widening his eyes emphatically. "You just want to hear me say it."

"Well," said Toudou, winding a hair around his index finger. "It wouldn't hurt."

Manami bent down to headbutt Toudou in the side. He laughed when Toudou yelped. Being here made Manami feel warm -- he was more than just Toudou's biggest fan, hoped that Toudou knew.

"Alright," he said to Toudou. "If you'll accept it, I'd like to call myself your number one fan."

"You know I already accepted it," Toudou said, ruffling Manami's hair before tugging him in for a kiss.